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Acid Rain solo show / Emil Kozak, 2009

Artist Statement:
My works in ‘Acid Rain’ deal with the relationship between man and nature. My goal with this series is to draw attention to the conflicts related to the, often disproportionate, man altered landscape.

We romantize nature, while we shape it to match our fantasy. It continouisly amaze and baffle us. But still we break it, and suck it dry of resources in pursuit of excessive luxury, leisure and happiness. It is a complex relationship that often ends with nature striking back.

I chose to base the works around the theme acid rain, because it is a phenomenon, that show how human interventions and alterations, can return in form of acid drops falling from the sky. It is symbol of how the negative effect of our interventions might not seem noticable at first, but over time they reappear, and mother earth will reclaim her part.

Great parts of the planet undergo intense alterations to the point of illness, and I hope that in my lifetime i will witness the drop, that spilled the cup.

Acid Rain consist of medium format photographs (Limited edition giclĂ©e print / archival inks) and acrylic painting + artists’ original silkscreens on paper. (Handmade 300gr. ‘Meirat’ paper / 300gr. fine art paper)
All pieces are either signed or include artist certificate.

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