Diaries from the office #22

Happy New Year!

Flashes!!! I have always preferred natural light for studio photography, but on a tight schedule, I dont always have the possibility to wait around until the conditions are perfect, so i decided to dust off my to old Metz flashes (80′ies old) and get the cheapest umbrellas i could find. I plugged them into my Canon (5D MKII) (yes, with cables!!! I know… Infrared and radio-transmitters are basically the standard now, but i had the pc cables laying around from when i used to drag all this crap around to make some skateboard photos, and it works great)

So far im excited about the results. It works well… and you could probably get a similar setup for around 100-200 eur. The best part is that im able to plug them in, and even do a photoshoot at night, if i wanted.